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Dear Friends,

A while back the president of Hay House asked me if I would like to do a seminar with Dr. Wayne Dyer and I liked the idea right away. I thought it would be wonderful for Wayne to sit with Abraham and talk about the things that were important to him. I knew it would be a wonderful conversation, and it was!

Last week I talked with Dr. Dyer on the telephone and he expressed to me his profound enthusiasm for the evening he spent conversing with Abraham. This is what he had to say recently on his Facebook page:

“You are not facers of reality, You are creators of reality” – Abraham

The above quote is the display quote that starts off my new book with Esther Hicks who communicates the wisdom of a collective consciousness known as Abraham. Esther and I did a seminar together where I got to ask Abraham questions and it turned out to be one of the most enlightening 3 hours of my life. I have now listened to the audio recording of this seminar 3 times and I am just about to read the book for the second time it is some of the best wisdom I have seen anywhere. Abraham is simply incredible. I know I was part of the whole experience, but I feel much more like a student than a teacher when it comes Co-Creating at its Best book, cd and dvd.

Here are some of the topics we covered:

Parenting, parents and the continuum of life

Can you reach the state of “love that has no opposite”?

Dharma, destiny, and being on your path

Dealing with bad news

Are there ascended masters and guides?

Monsanto and GMO’s

Just to name a few.
I loved the experience and as I worked on getting the transcript of the seminar into the format of this book I felt the importance of this conversation between Dr. Dyer and Abraham. I know, for sure, you will find immense value for yourself in this book.

(and Abraham and Jerry)

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Flying High – Because I Choose To!

Dear Friends,

There is nothing more beneficial to you than to create for yourself an environment of non-resistance, because everything and everyone in the Universe is responding to your powerful point of attraction.

When you are focused in a moment with no resistance you are then allowing pure resonance with the Source within you and as you are able to stay there for a little while the momentum of your non-resistant state will increase and your frequency will become higher and higher.

I can tell you, for sure, that the music on this CD was created by those who were in a complete state of alignment and so this music holds the frequency of pure positive Energy. When I play this music and allow its powerful frequency to surround me, my alignment happens every time—and, it was written for precisely that purpose for our Abraham seminars.

I am so happy that you can now experience the benefit of flying high any time you want to.

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With love,

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I So Loved This Seminar!

Dear Friends,

We are enjoying the cold weather and feeling (smelling) pumpkin pie and turkey in the air. LOL. Not yet, but eager to. Feels a bit odd not to be making airline plans for another city this weekend. Our next Abraham seminar is in Phoenix on December 6th, but, in the meantime if you are hungry for some of the best Abraham discussion EVER, we have decided to extend the playback of our San Antonio seminar (from last Saturday) for the next couple of weeks. (Ends on December 1) Oh my. You are going to enjoy this!

Love to you,

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