We are going to do THAT again! – What Abraham Says about Abraham LIVE Workshop Broadcasts

Last week we were in Tucson Arizona, making our way back to our family and friends and home and offices in San Antonio. It’s on beautiful days like that one with spring in full desert bloom and birds singing all around us that I usually say, “Hey, why don’t we live here?” And then Jerry always says, “You ARE living here.” We play that game in so many beautiful cities in so many beautiful moments!

The notes and comments from delighted people from all over the planet (6 continents, 44 countries and 46 US states) are streaming into our offices in appreciation of our first live broadcast from our Phoenix, Arizona event. We are so pleased that they are so pleased, but we wanted to let you know what it felt like from our experience.

As we came off the stage at the end of the seminar I said to Abraham, “What WAS that?” Abraham said, That was the feeling of global consciousness focused simultaneous in one moment in time. That was the benefit of large numbers of people focused together, in the absence of resistance, taking thought beyond what it has been before. That was co-creating at it’s best.

So we’re going to do THAT again. On April 30th from our Houston, Texas seminar! If you attended the first LIVE broadcast, click here for registration. If you have not yet attended a LIVE broadcast, click here for information.

Our love,
Jerry & Esther