Come Play in the Vortex with “A” in L.A. – Bring Your Own Vibe (BYOV) to the Los Angeles Workshop on July 30, 2011

Dear Friends,

We have been enjoying summer time in Del Mar and all the different family members and friends who have been popping in as part of their summer vacation travels. The energy of a space is so uplifted when it is filled with the bustle of activity and the vibration of happy people.

While we always enjoy our time in between workshops, we are also eager to meet with our friends in Los Angeles this weekend, who always uplift the Abraham workshop room with their own unique L.A. vibe. If you want to BYOV (Bring Your Own Vibe) to the L.A. workshop, you can click here to register.

Jerry was curious about the total number of countries that have been represented on the Abraham LIVE broadcasts since we did our first beta test broadcast from L.A. in February. So the web team compiled all the lists and we were surprised to find out that the grand total is 94 countries. Just for fun, the web team posted a map on the Abraham LIVE website with all of the locations and you can click here to see it. It’s really thrilling to think about how we can all be connected in a way that’s virtual, but very real at the same time.

We will be broadcasting the Los Angeles workshop LIVE, which seems very fitting since that’s the place where the Abraham LIVE adventure began. If you’d like to be a “dot on the map” and view the Los Angeles workshop on your computer, click here.

Our love,

Jerry & Esther