Last Global Broadcast for a While – Abraham Workshop in Atlanta, GA on October 1, 2011

Dear Friends,

After dropping in out of the sky (on Delta) into Washington DC, it was a long ride from Reagan airport to our hotel in Bethesda. How fun it is to be so familiar with the streets and landmarks in so many cities in this nation, since we flew into them for 12 years and then drove our Monster bus into them for 10 more years. We pretty much know our way around every city in the US. Fun! So when our driver turned in exactly the wrong direction on Wisconsin Avenue last Friday night, it was noticed and known from the backseat! So much fun! (more…)

Greater Expansion and Deeper Appreciation As Abraham Heads to Washington, DC – Still More to Experience After All These Years!


Dear Friends,

One of the messages that we’ve been enjoying hearing from Abraham in the past few workshops is “The feeling is the manifestation.” It’s so simple and so profound at the same time.

We’ve been playing with feeling-as-manifestation lately and have been amazed at how quickly the evidence of alignment appears once we’ve deliberately changed our emotions. After all these years, we are still experiencing the expansion of Abraham’s message and feeling deeper levels of appreciation than we have ever felt before.

It’s always fun to bring Abraham to the U.S. capital and chew over the interesting topics that are on the minds of our friends there. If you’d like to join us in Washington D.C. this weekend, you can call the office for reservations on Friday at 830-755-2299 from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm CDT.

We will also be broadcasting the DC workshop LIVE on the Internet. For information about participating in the DC workshop with your computer, click here.

With love and a new level of appreciation,
Jerry & Esther

P.S. Thank you for responding to our previous requests about completing your registration early for the Abraham LIVE broadcast. The cyber on-ramp will continue to be clear and easy for everyone if you’ll do the same for this weekend’s workshop.

Strong Desire and the Law of Attraction Bring the Teachings of Abraham™ to Stamford, CT and Around the World

Dear Friends,

This Saturday we’re bringing Abraham to Stamford, CT. Actually, we think that YOU are the ones who are bringing Abraham to Stamford because they will be there in response to the things that you are wanting to understand.

Abraham often says, “We see you have dragged your physical bodies here” and then they go on to say that this meeting actually gathered in a Vibrational way even before you dragged your physical bodies here. People often are amazed that even if they aren’t called on to come to the “hot seat” to ask their question directly, Abraham addresses all of their questions anyway. We are all really beginning to understand the incredible communication that is taking place between us and Abraham whether words are exchanged directly, or not.

We’ve been so happy to be able to broadcast the last several Abraham seminars worldwide and people from over 100 countries have now participated. We are receiving correspondence, from many of those who are watching every event, that they are amazed at the evolution of the message just from week to week. There definitely is some new dynamic going on because of the intensity of our desires these days and because of the broadness of the participating audience. We can feel it, and Abraham is reveling in it, too.

If you would like to join us, in person, in Stamford, click here.

If you would like to view this weekend’s Stamford, CT workshop via Internet Global Broadcast on your computer, click here.

We do love and appreciate you,
Jerry & Esther

P.S. Lately, the large number of last-minute Abraham LIVE registrations have been creating a bit of a technical support traffic jam for those who need a little extra assistance. So, while we are pleased that you trust our technology so much that you feel comfortable waiting until the last minute to register, we do request that you complete your registration early (Thursday or Friday if possible).