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Update from Jerry and Esther, New Vortex Videos and Vortex Series DVD Releases

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for all your well-wishes regarding Jerry’s health that have poured into the office. As many of you realize, we have been following Abraham’s advice not to give undue attention to that which we don’t prefer by not speaking about the situation publicly. Given the apparent distress that our silence on the subject has been causing some of you, we felt it was time to briefly let you know how Jerry is doing. He is, as Abraham has always said about all of us, doing extremely well.

Since we shared in our May 25th blog entry that an exaggerated white blood cell count discovered after a spider bite prompted Jerry to begin a course of chemotherapy, most of you instantly understood that this meant cancer. In fact, the official diagnosis given was a treatable form of leukemia. After enjoying remarkable health nearly his entire lifetime, Jerry decided to downplay the diagnosis, but still give his full attention to this physical manifestation of previously unrecognized resistance – via a dual approach of cleaning up his vibration on certain subjects, while also availing himself of what modern medicine has to offer, just as Abraham has always advised. This prompted us to cut back on our intensive touring schedule and embark on a remarkable journey that has been the most powerful of our lives together.

At the moment this journey continues, and both Jerry and I are feeling better than ever as we practice Abraham’s teachings to focus on elevating our moods apart from the circumstances. So when thinking about us please do not be distressed, since no matter what the apparent evidence is of any situation, really and truly "All Is Well."

Meanwhile, our wonderful staff has continued working on several exciting initiatives concerning new ways to share Abraham’s Teachings, including – we are happy to announce – the release of two new DVD products. The first of these is the next entry in our Special Subject DVD series, entitled "Beyond the 12 Steps: Breaking Free of Addiction". This video program focuses on leading edge techniques to release habitual behavior, and features what some have told us they feel is one of the most remarkable segments ever spoken by Abraham in a workshop – their giving of "A New 12 Steps" to complement and expand on the established program to treat addictions.

The second DVD is actually a 3-DVD set, the fourth episode in our ongoing "Vortex of Attraction" series, each of which features most of a single extraordinary workshop. This episode is entitled "Hooked On The Vortex: Creating Your Reality by Creating Your Mood" and runs over 3 1/2 hours. The program includes wonderful segments on "Contrast Creates Expansion", "The Value in Not Seeking Reality", and what to do if an "Oncologist Causes Fear". Apart from the amusing juxtaposition of the titles of these two powerful video programs, the information they contain also seems quite timely, is it not? Law of Attraction continues to amaze us in its playful perfection.

Finally, as always, we celebrate the occasion of these DVD releases by sharing with our friends two new free videos on our website. The first, excerpted from "Beyond the 12 Steps" is entitled "Abraham Explains How Esther Got Sick" and features a dialog with Jerry about why Esther was almost losing her voice during that workshop where she spoke some of the most remarkable words ever to come from Abraham. For those wanting to understand more how those practicing Abraham’s teachings can still occasionally find themselves surprised by unwanted physical manifestations, this video provides clarity.

The second video is excerpted from "Hooked On The Vortex" and is entitled "Weird Is The New Normal". In it, Abraham also discusses resistance and bodily manifestations, provides an amusing account of Esther’s early experiences speaking for Abraham, and highlights the value of one of their most frequent recommendations – which is to not give "a rip" what others think. We look forward to seeing you all again in person soon.

There is great love here for you,
Jerry & Esther