Converging with Abraham in Los Angeles
Next Vortex of Attraction™ Workshop
January 28, 2012

Dear Friends,

Jerry and I have always enjoyed the experience of our Abraham-Hicks team converging in our seminar city. Jerry and I were driving to the hotel (in our monster bus). Scotty and Sandy driving our cargo van (carrying all the equipment and products). Jeanne flying in from Southern Utah via the Las Vegas airport. Mike and Karen flying in from Kentucky or San Antonio. Barbara and Michelle and Marc and Toby flying in from San Antonio. So great to be together in wonderful places week after week! We have always loved bringing ourselves to you and we appreciate your willingness to come and co-create with Abraham. Abraham continually expresses their appreciation and acknowledgement that you and your wonderful questions and insights are the basis of the evolution of their amazing message.

It’s such a great visual of cooperative components gathering: Our Abraham-Hicks team making their way to Los Angeles; people all around the area driving to meet with us at the hotel; and now, the convergence of minds and energies from all around the planet watching and energetically contributing from their homes. As Jerry always says, aren’t these wonderful times that we are living in.

So, it is certain that we will have a wonderful conversation with Abraham this Saturday in Los Angeles. This has always been one of our favorite cities (and crowds) to co-create with.

Love to all of you,

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Abraham’s First Seminar of 2012
San Diego, California January 21

Dear Friends,

It is a beautiful day here at Abraham-Hicks Publications. It’s interesting how yesterday’s clouds and gloom enhance today’s clear blue sky. I don’t think it would feel nearly as wonderful today without the comparison of yesterday.

Everyone here is happily preparing for our upcoming California seminar run and we’ll begin the tour in downtown San Diego this coming Saturday. Lots of interesting and amazing things are happening as I settle into my ever-changing, ever-evolving relationship with Abraham and with Jerry.

I can hardly wait until the seminar on Saturday. I can already feel the energy building and I know we are going to have an incredible ride on this vibrational wave. How I love being in San Diego with so many wonderful friends and co-creators.

With so much love,

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