Abraham in Folsom / Sacramento, CA!

Dear Friends,

Usually we book our hotel meeting rooms for our Abraham events more than a year in advance, but this year we were slower in planning the schedule… So our “Sacramento” event is actually being held in “Folsom” (not far from Sacramento). I got out my map this morning (actually I got out my computer that got out my map on Mapquest) to see exactly where Folsom is. It’s close by, but it got me to thinking about time and space and how efficiently we move around in it. I remember Jerry sitting with a map of the United States and a pencil compass drawing circles all over the map. It was his plan to get within 200 miles of every major city so as to allow those who really wanted an Abraham experience the opportunity to have it.

Earlier this morning I was coordinating flights with family and staff who are leaving from where I am and going to their homes; me leaving San Diego and going to Sacramento and meeting staff members who are flying in from San Antonio; arranging cars, and shuttles and departures to various places following the workshop. Whom is flying with whom and whom will ride with whom? (never did figure out the grammatical correctness of that who-whom stuff)

Then I thought about the LIVE stream and how it allows people from all over the planet to meet with us on-line to participate in our events. And then I thought about Abraham and Jerry who will be joining us from their incredible perspective of what must be the ultimate LIVE stream.

I can hardly wait until Saturday for this amazing rendezvous of physical and Nonphysical partners in co-creation.

Esther (and Abraham and Jerry)

To join us “in person” at the Sacramento, CA workshop Click Here or call 830-755-2299

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Abraham in San Francisco – February 18, 2012

Dear Friends,

Our nonphysical and physical contingency of Abraham and Jerry and me and our wonderful Abraham-Hicks Publications staff will be in San Francisco this Saturday. I know that Jerry’s re-emergence into nonphysical has caused a powerful new focusing within me and I suspect within many of you, as well, and that is translating into even more powerful and expanded discussions with Abraham and those in the hot seat. If you’ve attended a recent seminar, or have participated on-line, I know you know what I mean.

For me, the days just don’t pass fast enough between seminars. It has never been more obvious to me that when our life causes sharper focus within us, that more powerful and amazing things happen. These are exhilarating times and I feel fortunate to get to be a part of this expansive process. I am also appreciative that you are such magnificent co-creative partners.

So, San Francisco, here we come!

Our Love,
Esther, Abraham/Jerry and our Abraham-Hicks traveling team

To join us "in person" at the San Francisco, CA workshop Click Here or call 830-755-2299

To join us "online" at the San Francisco, CA workshop Click Here.