Fast Summer, Fast Cars, Portland Event AND NEW VIDEO CLIP!

Dear Friends,

In the last two days I’ve heard several different people in several different places exclaim, “It’s August already! This summer has gone by so fast! Where did it go?”

I know exactly where the summer has gone: I moved my SUV from Texas to California. Needed it out there. And this morning my sister Becky and I woke up in El Paso Texas. We’re driving BACK across California, Arizona, New Mexico and into Texas. I decided that my new little black super car (Audi R8) should be wherever I am. Most fun car ever to drive! It’s Iron Man’s car, but I am way more careful with mine. I thought about naming him “Darth” but then yesterday Becky was reading the manual to me as we drove (so we can figure out all the knobs and buttons) and she read “the car color is Phantom Black.” Phantom. I like that a lot. And since he is invisible to anyone who might be interested in how fast he is going—I think that is a perfect name.

We’ve also had the most satisfying, productive string of Abraham seminars ever! Click Here for a recent video clip of a spectacular segment! And next Saturday we’ll be in Portland, OR for more!

I feel so much appreciation for our spectacular road team who makes it possible for Abraham to present this leading-edge material in city after city. And for Abraham who continues to surprise us and delight us with clarity and new insights. And for Jerry, who set all of this in motion, and who continues to enjoy and participate in every segment at every seminar!

Esther (and Abraham and Jerry)

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