Abraham Tour Ends in Phoenix

Hi Everyone,

We’ll be wrapping up our Abraham 2012 tour this coming Saturday in Phoenix and while it will only be a few weeks before we begin our 2013 workshops, there is always something special about that year-end wrap up. I know Abraham will surprise and delight us!

We’ll see you there, or on-line, or next year!

Lots of love,
(and Abraham and Jerry)

To join us in person at the Phoenix, AZ workshop Click Here or call the office 830-755-2299.


To join us online at the Phoenix, AZ workshop Click Here.

The Mediterranean Vortex of Attraction Cruise!

Dear Friends,

When you click on the link below and read the itinerary for this amazing cruise that we have planned for next fall, you will understand why we are all so excited about this trip. We’ll have a wonderful Abraham seminar AND we’ll see some of the most spectacular cities in the world!

A few years ago our Abraham group experienced an incredible Western Mediterranean cruise and some of them got off of our cruise ship and got onto another ship that took them to these spectacular Eastern Mediterranean cities. They have been pestering us ever since to DO THIS CRUISE.

So, we’ve found the most spectacular ship and we’re going to the most beautiful place with the nicest people in the world.

Click here for more information on this exciting cruise!

Our love,
(and Abraham and Jerry)