Dear Friends,

I just love today’s date—12/12/12.

The Quarterly Journal (which we are affectionately calling “The Occasional Journal” is now in the hands of our printer and it will be mailed out to you soon. This is a 64 page booklet which contains articles from Abraham, letters of appreciation from you, and new product information. I reformatted the journal from top to bottom in order to give new and seasoned clients a clearer sense of how you can best utilize the amazing information that is, and has been, coming from Abraham.

If you have not received a postcard from us in the last year, announcing events in your area, you may not be in our current database. So, if you would like to receive this journal, simply e-mail support@abraham-hicks.com and send us your name and mailing address.

Also, we don’t mail these journals to our out-of-the-country clients, but if you are one of our clients not living in the USA and would like to receive a journal, we will happily send one to you. Simply e-mail support@abraham-hicks.com with your name and mailing address to place your order for this free journal.

We had our first freeze in San Antonio last night! Is a beautiful, bright, brisk, clear day here! Our 2013 schedule in now on our website. Click here if you are wondering about upcoming Abraham events near you.

Lots of love to you in this bright new year!

And everyone here at Abraham-Hicks Publications