If You Feel So Inspired, We’d Love To Play With You!

Dear Friends,

There is something extra exciting about doing things that we have never done before and so maybe that’s why our up-coming Cancun events feel so good. As you may remember we had planned one 5-day seminar, but it sold out immediately so we added the second one. These seminars are like our cruise seminars in the sense that we’ll be together in an incredibly beautiful place for several days; we’ll have many hours together with Abraham; and the energy and momentum will build more every day. These will be truly life changing hours with Abraham, for sure! AND, we’ll have this gorgeous all-inclusive Beach Palace Resort all to ourselves!

We had been sold out, but due to some cancellations we now have a few rooms and suites open for both weeks, so come and play with us if you feel inspired.


Click here for more information and availability for Week 1 – (April 10-15, 2013)

Click here for more information and availability for Week 2 – (April 15-20, 2013)

Will We See You in Long Beach?

Dear Friends,
I just watched the sun set into the beautiful Pacific ocean. I was talking to Jerry, appreciating him and his vision and his excitement about purchasing this property. And I was thinking about all of the sunsets that we enjoyed together sitting there. Then my toes began to wiggle in happy appreciation of the beauty I was seeing and I knew for sure it was Jerry, reminding me that he’s still sitting there with me, enjoying the sunset. Sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet!
Life is really good and I am so happy about our seminar in Long Beach this coming Saturday. We will be offering this event as a Livestream so if you can’t come and play with us personally, you can participate virtually! In a sense, like Jerry does. Not sure if you can wiggle my toes though.
Our love,
(and Abraham and Jerry)

To join us “in person” at the Long Beach, CA workshop Click Here or call 830-755-2299.

To join us “online” at the Long Beach, CA workshop Click Here.

Sacramento, CA and Updated Livestream Schedule!

Dear Friends,

By now you’ve probably received our Quarterly Journal Volume 41. It felt really good to publish it and mail it to you. However, if you haven’t received it and want to see it quickly and easily, you can see it on-line by clicking here.

You can see our 2013 schedule of events inside the pages of this journal or you can access it on the “Workshop & Cruises” section of our website by clicking here.

We are looking forward to the continuation of our 2013 tour and we are eager to co-create with you in a city near you. Our plan is to Livestream one event each month. Here are the events that we plan to make available through Livestream in 2013:

Long Beach, CA – 2/16/13

Orlando, FL – 3/9/13

San Antonio, TX – 4/28/13

Philadelphia, PA – 5/25/13

Phoenix, AZ – 6/29/13

San Francisco, CA -7/27/13

Denver, CO – 8/17/13

Stamford, CT – 9/28/13

Atlanta, GA -10/26/13

San Antonio, TX – 11/9/13

Phoenix, AZ – 12/7/13

We’ll be in Sacramento, California this coming Saturday at the Hyatt Regency, 1209 L. Street. We won’t be livestreaming this workshop, but you can still join us in person by clicking here or calling the office at 830-755-2299. Abraham keeps saying, “co-creating at its best” and is it ever!

Our love,


(and Abraham and Jerry)