Fantastic Abraham Video clip and Event Schedule!

Dear Friends,

We’re having wonderful dialogues with Abraham in city after city this year. Here’s a link to a recent discussion with a politician that gives me renewed hope for our political process!
It is really good! Click Here to watch the video.

And, we thought you might like to see where we’re headed this summer and fall in case you want to join us in one of these beautiful cities where the weather is always beautiful while we are there!

With love and appreciation for all that you contribute to this glorious co-creative experience.

(and Abraham and Jerry)

Abraham-Hicks Vortex of Attraction Event Schedule

June 1, 2013 – Stamford, CT
June 8, 2013 – Boston, MA
June 15, 2013 – Chicago, IL
June 29, 2013 – Phoenix, AZ
July 6, 2013 – San Diego, CA
July 13, 2013 – North Los Angeles, CA
July 20, 2013 – Long Beach, CA
July 27, 2013 – San Francisco, CA
August 3, 2013 – Portland, OR
August 10, 2013 – Seattle, WA
August 17, 2013 – Denver, CO
August 31, 2013 – Chicago, IL
September 9 – 20, 2013 – Mediterranean Cruise
September 28, 2013 – Stamford, CT
October 5, 2013 – Boston, MA
October 12, 2013 – Washington, DC
October 19, 2013 – Philadelphia, PA
October 26, 2013 – Atlanta, GA
November 2 & 3, 2013 – Asheville, NC*
(*Special pricing of $500 for this Two Day Event)
November 9, 2013 – San Antonio, TX
December 7, 2013 – Phoenix, AZ

Reserve online now:

Make your plans now to join the Leading Edge conversation with Abraham and Esther.

“Anything That You Can Imagine is Yours to Be or Do or Have.
As you ask yourself why you want it, the essence of your desire is activated,
and the Universe begins to bring it to you. The more intense your positive feelings,
the faster it is coming to you.” – Abraham

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Philadelphia – Abraham Seminar and Livestream This Saturday!

Dear Friends,

We’ll be in Philadelphia, PA this coming Saturday for the continuation of our expanding conversation with friends and Abraham.

With love and thanks,
(and Abraham and Jerry)

To join us in person at the Philadelphia, PA workshop, click here or call the office 830-755-2299.

To join us online at the Philadelphia, PA workshop, click here.

Workshop Location:

Philadelphia Airport Marriott
One Arrivals Road
Philadelphia, PA 19153

Abraham-Atlanta-Old Friends-New Friends-New Clarity-Lots of Fun!

Dear Friends,

We had a glorious time in Cancun and I have been enjoying the process of listening back and choosing track titles for those incredible leading-edge seminars brimming with new life changing analogies. I can hardly wait for what’s coming this weekend in Atlanta. We’d love to co-create with you there if it’s a match for you.

(and Abraham and Jerry)

To join us in person at the Atlanta, GA workshop, Click Here or call the office 830-755-2299.