Join Abraham in San Francisco this Saturday!

Dear Friends,

I awakened this morning thinking about our upcoming Abraham seminar in San Francisco and how much I love being there. It’s the perfect time to be there because temperatures will be in the low 70’s, but also because this crowd always evokes powerful leading-edge discussions. I just love it.

If you want to be in the room with us Click Here.

If you can’t be there in person with us, but want to be part of the wonderful co-creation that is certain to occur, you can join us via livestream by Clicking Here.

Our love,
Abraham and Jerry
And the Abraham-Hicks Publications Team

Los Angeles Abraham Momentum At It’s Best!

Dear Friends,

I’m still buzzing from the impact of the fresh new insights uncovered in the Los Angeles workshop last weekend. It rarely happens that we have two Los Angeles events back to back, but we do this time and so, we’ll be back in Long Beach, CA in three days.

Energy-wise, I know we will pick up where we left off.

Topic-wise (the group in attendance will decide that).

I can’t wait.


To join us in person at the North Long Beach, CA workshop, Click Here or call the office 830-755-2299.



Cancun – Incredibly fun – So we’re doing it again!

Dear Friends,

Our 2013 Cancun Land Cruise was indescribably delicious. The entire hotel was just us! Everywhere you go, everyone you meet, knowing what you know! Which resulted in so many wonderful aligned experiences for so many people.

Every morning we began with an Abraham seminar. Talk about getting up on that high flying disk and setting the tone for a wonderful day. Every day! The momentum was powerful.

And then pool time and beach time and eating time and all kinds of excursions and shopping filled the afternoons and evenings. Let me just say I have never seen a group of people have so much fun for such and extended period of time. It was amazing!

While last years hotel was really, really beautiful, the one we have chosen for this next Cancun event is more beautiful still. When you Click Here you will see what I mean.

It really is so powerful to go to a spectacular place with the most beautiful and aligned people to restore ourselves to who we really are.

So, it’s all set for next spring. Check this out and see if it feels like something you want to experience. Last year we were able to add a second week because it filled up in 4 days. This year the venue holds twice as many but we cannot add a second week.