Fun AND expansion in Asheville!

Dear Friends,

You’ll be able to feel, from watching this video clip, that we had a wonderful experience together in Asheville! As I watched this clip this morning, in readiness to send it to you, I laughed out loud several times! How I do love Abraham.

If you would like to experience the fun and expansion that our Asheville group experienced, the DVD: New Thoughts — New Ideas — New Approaches is now in our warehouse ready for delivery.

To see this “very funny” clip, click here.

To read more about the ground breaking material contained on the DVD, click here.

With love,

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A New Beginning in Phoenix!

Dear Friends,

Jerry and I met Abraham in Phoenix in 1985. That’s a sort of funny way of saying it, but that is where we were living when all of those remarkable things began to happen as I found vibrational alignment with Abraham through meditation. I remember so clearly driving south on I-17 and Abraham saying, “Take the next exit” and Jerry parking our car under the freeway overpass and talking with Abraham for the very first time.

Phoenix is also the place where Abraham and I and our spectacular road crew and so many of our dear Abraham friends experienced the first Abraham seminar after Jerry made his transition into Non-physical. No question for any of us that Jerry was still participating, playing and loving the seminar just like always.

So, Phoenix, for me, continues to be a place of new beginnings. I am really eager for our seminar there this coming Saturday.

Abraham says that together we will push the re-set button. Oh good. Another new beginning.

Come and play with us in person if you like by clicking here, or you can watch it via the livestream by clicking here.

Our love,
(and Abraham and Jerry)

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