Abraham-Hicks South Pacific Cruise

Dear Friends,

I had the most wonderful flight from San Antonio to Westchester, New York and I was thinking about our beautiful planet and how much I love getting to see so much of it. I was also thinking about how often Jerry said how he really wanted to be a catalyst to helping people discover the incredible beauty of this world and of life!

The idea of holding seminars on cruise ships was just the most wonderful inspired idea ever because it gives us the opportunity to see so much beauty with so much ease.

Next October (2015) we have a spectacular cruise planned for the South Pacific, sailing in and out of Sydney, Australia. I am so excited about traveling to this magnificent paradise with my Abraham friends. Take a look at the itinerary and join us if it is a match for you!

And meanwhile, another big intention we have is to accommodate your meeting of Abraham in as many ways as possible to fit in with your desires: From free CDs to attending a workshop in your town, to participating online, to spending a glorious two weeks together in paradise.

So, we’ll see you down the road and for more information about this cruise, click here!

Our love,

(Abraham and Jerry)

P.S. – We also have the Caribbean and Alaskan Cruises in 2015!

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A Note About The Westchester Workshop

Dear Friends,

My mom always says the NY area workshops are the best, but this one was spectacular! Over the last few days we have been discussing all the wonderful nuggets that came from the Westchester workshop. Because it was so good, she decided to extend the Livestream access until November 7th (at 9AM CST) to give you all extra time to enjoy it.

If you would like to purchase the on demand playback from Westchester, NY, click here.

(and Esther and Jerry and Abraham)

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Abraham in Westchester, NY this Saturday!

Dear Friends,

Hard to even explain the clarity and fun and expansion that we are co-creating together in our Abraham workshops!

All I know is that each seminar feels more expansive than the last and I can’t even get my head around what will happen this coming Saturday. I do know that I will like it. And I do know that you will too.

If you want to join us in person, click here.


If you would like to tune in via livestream, please click here.

With love and eager anticipation (and thanks)

(and Abraham and Jerry)

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