Abraham in San Francisco on Saturday!

Dear Friends,

I sat down with my computer this morning, intending to write you a note and thinking I would tell you about the beautiful blue-skied day we are having here in Southern California, but when I opened my window shades to look out over the ocean it was missing altogether. We are temporarily covered here in a blanket of fog. I can barely see across my deck. I laughed right out loud.

The good news is the fog will lift and the beautiful blue sky will return. And because I am so certain of that, I can easily settle in and enjoy this foggy morning. So, I wrapped myself in a warm blanket and lit my outside fireplace and enjoyed the contrast of a different kind of day. Abraham has helped me to know that there is no point in railing against the fog, or anything, for that matter. I’m learning that I can find satisfaction in just about whatever is currently happening, because I understand that everything that is happening is temporary and there are so many wonderful things in the process of becoming.

So, what I wanted to tell you is that Abraham will be in San Francisco this coming Saturday. The room is nearing capacity so if you plan to attend it would be good to make a decision today. We will not be able to take anyone at the door who doesn’t have a reservation on this one.

We will, however be back in the bay area the following weekend for another seminar in San Rafael.

If you would like to join us, please click here and scroll down to the event or call the office at 830-755-2299.

We’ll see you down the road somewhere.

Our love,
(and Abraham and Jerry)