Cruise With Abraham – Caribbean 2018!

Dear Friends,

Abraham has been talking a lot these days about “getting ready to be ready.” They have been explaining, of course, about how the Law of Attraction works, and about how “momentum” and the Law of Attraction are really such important partners in the “satisfaction” that we feel in our lives, and they have been explaining how “thoughts do turn to things” and why those actual, real manifestations are so very satisfying!

So much goes into the planning of these spectacular cruise events, and I understand what Abraham means about getting ready to be ready; and about momentum; and about satisfaction, because we have such a good time enjoying the unfolding of these great events. But when the cruise actually manifests — and we all get to make our way to our embarkation port; and we board the ship; and then move around the ship finding each other in all of the beautiful places on the ship —dining together and dancing together and (for me—most of all) gathering in the grand theater to co-create with Abraham— well, the real life “see it, hear it, smell it, taste it, touch it” manifestation of these cruises just knocks my socks off. What a spectacular time we just had on our Caribbean Cruise!

And so, we have booked another Caribbean Cruise for spring of 2018 and the wonderful, getting ready to be ready begins again. I am so eager about this cruise!

I hope you enjoy reading and thinking about this beautiful ship and the beautiful waters and ports we will visit. And I hope the idea of playing with all of us is a satisfying thought for you, too. And wouldn’t it be nice if your own satisfaction and momentum carried you to rendezvous with all of us next spring in the Caribbean.

Click here to check it out!

With much love,
(and Abraham and Jerry)