Abraham In Chicago This Coming Saturday!

Good morning,

I woke up in the Rocky Mountains this morning, as I am making my way out to Chicago for another notoriously wonderful Chicago Abraham event. As I left the paved trail onto a narrow path that disappeared into the lush foliage I felt so happy about the discovery of a path. It was early and even though the sun has been up for a while, my path which is at the base of a large mountain range was very much shaded. It was so exhilarating. The best part was I could hear a mountain stream rushing down the mountain. I felt happily emotional as I contemplated the things that Abraham has been telling us through all these years about our well-being, and our planet and I smiled as I could hear the sound of a stream, for quite a long while as I walked, that I could not yet see. I kept thinking I would see the stream as I rounded each turn on the path and then finally there it was, pure and clear and loud, and really, really cold from the snow runoff. I am so excited about so many wonderful things that I know are out there for all of us. Things that we desire and sense that are waiting for us around the next bend in our path and the next.

I am really enjoying the path that leads me and my wonderful Abraham-Hicks traveling team from city to city around this nation and the world, and I am so eager about this coming Saturday in Chicago. If your path leads you there it will be so wonderful to see you.

If you would like to join us, please click here and scroll down to the event or call the office at 830-755-2299.

With love,
(and Abraham and Jerry)