Abraham In Seattle This Coming Saturday!

Seattle here we come!

Dear Friends,

I love summertime so much! And a beautiful summer day in Seattle is the very best. Many years ago, Jerry and I were in Seattle having lunch in a revolving restaurant at the top of the Space Needle in downtown Seattle. As the restaurant slowly turned, showing us spectacular views of unbelievable beauty, I said to Jerry, “Why doesn’t EVERYBODY live here?” The waitress overheard us and said, “Because it’s only like this one day a year, and that’s today.”

So, we returned to Seattle every July since that day in 1990 and guess what? A beautiful, clear, blue-sky day has greeted us every time. Something about knowing that every day isn’t always like that makes our Seattle experiences extra delicious. Aw, the sweet, sweet benefit of contrast: Sharpening senses; enhancing experiences; and making us oh so glad to be here, now!

If you would like to join us, please click here and scroll down to the event or call the office at 830-755-2299.

With love,
(and Abraham and Jerry)